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Effective sleep always leads to peak performance. However, the quality of your sleep matters as much as the quantity of rest your body gets. The human body restores itself mostly during “slow wave sleep”—replenishing oxygen and blood while releasing essential hormones.

The Molecule Mattress has been designed for optimal sleep. It engineers the latest technology available to focus on the recovery, allowing your mind and body to experience ultimate comfort. Each material of the mattress is designed to be more breathable and temperature neutral, aiming towards a cooler sleep.

In this blog, we will delve deeper into the intricacies that make the Molecule Mattress one of a kind.

Key Features

  • 3” top layer made of MOLECULARFLO Foam, an open cell and airy foam designed for automatic coolness.
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    Consists of unique RECOVERYFLO foam engineered for airflow and a precise pressure relief.
  • The sturdy and dense lower CONTOURFLO layer provides foundation and core support.
  • Cover material is designed to respond to body temperature with temperature and cooling features.
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    The materials used are non-toxic, antimicrobial and eco-friendly.



The foam used is made through Variable Pressure Foaming process, making it completely environmentally-friendly. The materials used in manufacturing the mattress are also certified as non-toxic and eco-friendly by the authorities (CertiPUR-US Certified Non-Toxic foams). As the production process completely takes place in the USA, it limits the time frame of the product inside plastic, further minimizing concern about any noxious or hazardous odors during unpacking.


The layers of the Molecule mattress exude a medium-firm feel that is rated 6.5 on a scale from 1 to 10, with 1 being soft and 10 firm. The comfort level on offer is fairly appealing and works well for all sleeping positions, especially side sleepers.

Softness scale meter

The Molecule focuses on recovery sleep, specifically designed for heat dissipation, support and added comfort. The top layer is open-celled, while the middle layer is engineered to respond to everyone’s needs and shape. The middle layer is cut in precise diamond and hexagonal shape for ultimate pressure relief. The combination of each meticulously designed unique zones are crafted to provide proper spinal alignment and ergonomic comfort. An adaptive foundation that doesn’t hold heat and relieves pressure.

Motion Transfer

The motion transfer of the Molecule mattress is minimal, as it quickly absorbs any excess vibrations. The average tossing and turning or getting out of bed won’t be a hassle to your partner. The layers of foam constrict any movement to travel far, offering superior isolating motion.

Sleeping cool

The key quality of the Molecule mattress is the “sleeping cool” or “temperature neutral” feature that has been incorporated in its foundations. The top cover instantly responds to your body temperature, regulating and evaporating to cool down. The open cell design is further optimized to dissipate retained heat from the body. The air channels work profoundly even when compressed due to body weight. The dense base foam offers a firm feeling and is more breathable to aid air flow.

Edge Support

The edge support is judged from two viewpoints - sleeping and sitting perspective. The mattress can evenly distribute weight, allowing access to the majority of the space available. While sleeping, you will enjoy a consistent feeling, whether sleeping in the middle or closer to the edge. However, while sitting, it is recommended not to constantly use the edge.


The price range of the Molecule mattress hovers from $699 for a Twin to $1199 for King. This price also reflects a promotional discount of $200, with an added coupon of $50 available on their website if you register. The price also includes a free shipping, offering more value for money.

Trial Period

The Molecule mattress offers a 100-night trial period to its customers, with a full refund in case the product is returned.


Free shipping available in USA. The approximate time of delivery is 5 business days.


The Molecule mattress is covered by a limited lifetime warranty. The original purchaser is covered on any manufacturer or material defects in the product. The warranty also covers any substantial sagging that portrays a constant indent of more than 1”.

Product Specifications & Price






39" x 75" x 12.5"

68 lbs.

USD 699

Twin XL

39" x 80" x 12.5"

70 lbs

USD 699


54" x 75" x 12.5"

90 lbs.

USD 849


60" x 80" x 12.5"

110 lbs.

USD 1149


76" x 80" x 12.5"

140 lbs.

USD 1349

California King

72" x 84" x 12.5"

 140 lbs.

USD 1399


The Molecule’s unique sleep-system is specifically designed for the human body to experience a revitalizing stage of rest, while optimizing recovery and performance. Though the Molecule is not the only company in the market offering temperature regulation as a major feature for a solid night’s rest, it’s flagship mattress does stand apart due to the cooling tech infused in the structural design. Incorporated with antimicrobial fabrications in the cover, the combination of moisture-wicking and the brand’s proprietary Air-Engineered™ technology, does make it unique and genetically superior to its competitors.

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